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Questionnaires and analyses — Why and how?


Using questionnaires was an important way to find out what people like and dislike about living in or running a business in the Parish. This information was used to shape the final draft plan.

How (residential)?

For the residents’ questionnaires we created a two-stage process. Stage 1 (2016) asked broad questions, and Stage 2 (2017) used the responses to create more detailed questions.

Stage 1 — 2016

Stage 1 asked residents two simple open questions in Questionnaire 1A:

  1. Name three things that make living in the Parish attractive to you;
  2. Name three things that you find disappointing for you in the Parish and which you think can be improved.

Analysis of Stage 1 responses

There are two analysis reports of the stage 1 residential questionnaires — Questionnaire 1A Report and Questionnaire 1B Report — relating to the two main residential areas, the village and the southern periphery. The reason for separate reports is that, following the disappointing initial response from the southern periphery, we reissued the original questionnaire to that area later in the year (see Questionnaire 1A and Questionnaire 1B).

Separate analyses also proved helpful in Stage 2 by highlighting any issues particular to one or the other area (the census shows that there are many differences in the profile of the residents in the two areas, for example, types of employment, housing types, housing tenure, gender and age).

Stage 2 — 2017

With the answers to the 2016 residential questionnaires, we were able to construct much more detailed follow-up questionnaires, one for each of the two areas. Questionnaire 2A was issued to the village area in May/June 2017 and Questionnaire 2B to the southern periphery in November 2017.

The analyses of the feedback can be found at Questionnaire 2A report and Questionnaire 2B report.

How (business)?

In 2016, concurrent with the initial residential questionnaire, we sent a similar questionnaire to all businesses in the Parish, Questionnaire 1C, asking two broad questions:

  1. Name three things in the Parish that are good for your business;
  2. Name three things in the Parish that you find disappointing for your business.

The analysis of the response can be found at Questionnaire 1C report.

Following the Stage 2 residential questionnaires in 2017, businesses were sent the report to Questionnaire 2A and invited to comment on it with respect to their businesses.