Table of contents

Basic Conditions Statement

A Neighbourhood Plan must meet the ‘basic conditions’ set out in planning legislation1. These can be summarized as:

  • having regard to national planning policies and guidance;

  • being in general conformity with strategic local policy;

  • achieving sustainable development;

  • not breaching EU obligations.

In addition, the Neighbourhood Plan must comply with human rights legislation.

There are two Tables in the Basic Conditions Statement which summarize how the Murton Parish Neighbourhood Plan conforms to the National and Local Plans:

  • Table 1: NPPF Policies: How the Murton Parish Neighbourhood Plan takes account of national policies

  • Table 2: Murton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Policies and their relationship with the National Planning Policy Framework and the emerging City of York Council Local Plan

  1. National Planning Policy Framework Ministry of Housing, Communications and Local Government. February 2019 Paragraph 104